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3200NT Electronic Options


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Fleck Brass 3200NT Electronic
Water Meters & Cables

$ 844.00
$ 1,293.00

$ 31.00
$ 34.00
$ 71.00

Fleck Plastic 3200NT Electronic
Water Meters & Cables

$ 553.00
$ 32.00

$ 31.00
$ 64.00


Clack 2" Electronic Meter

The Clack 2" Inline meter is suited for commercial/industrial application. Constructed of Stainless Steel, this meter features a service flow rate range of 1.5 to 150 GPM. A 15-foot cable is included. Connection is 2" female pipe or 2-1/2" groove lock coupling.


$ 624.00


Fleck 3200NT Electronic Systems

The Fleck 3200NT Network Controller uses on-board communications capabilities to link multiple valves via standard off-the-shelf telephone cables. Standard product features include the following: the ability to network up to 4 units using standard RJ 45 - six position - four conductor telephone cable, remote start, remote lockout, variable reserve, programmable auxiliary relay (fused), field
configurable for any flow meter.

Additionally, using a simple programming sequence, any of the following system types may be configured in the field.

Product Features

• Networks of up to 4 valves
• Simple on-site programming
• Easy installation with plug-in wiring harnesses

Features and Options

Up to 4 units in a network using
standard RJ 45, 6 position, 4 conductor telephone cable
• Field configurable for any system type using a simple programming sequence.
Defaults for all valves, pistons and cams types are stored
• Field configurable for any flow meter
• Programmable auxiliary relay - fused
• Remote start
• Remote lockout
• Variable reserve


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