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Fleck 5600

Fleck 5600 control valve parts, electronic turbine meter assembly, day timer powerhead, injector assembly, brine valve, complete meter assembly, piston assembly, piston assembly filter, seal and spacer kit for fleck 5600 control valve

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Control Valves
Drive Assembly
Econominder Drive Assembly
Bypass Assembly
2300 Safety
Brine Valve
2310 Safety
Brine Valve
SE Drive Assembly
Bypass Assembly
Stainless Steel
Meter Module
Powerhead Assembly
Turbine Meter Assembly

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3/4 inch Electronic Turbine Meter Assembly (FL60626)

3/4 inch Electronic Turbine Meter Assembly (FL60626) Used on Fleck Models 5000SE, 5600SE, 5600SXT, 2510SE, 2510SXT and 8500SE. Includes clips, orings...


60102-52 Filter Piston Assembly, Rapid Cycle, 5600

60102-52 Filter Piston Assembly, Rapid Cycle, 5600. This is a special application piston. It is highly recommended that you contact us to confirm...


FL13172-02 Brine Valve Stem Assembly, w/Seat

Fleck FL13172 Brine Valve Stem, Includes Seat. Commonly used on Fleck 5600/6700 and replaces P/N 17978 for the Fleck 5000.


FL13173-01 DLFC Retainer (w/ O-Ring)

Fleck FL13173-01 DLFC Retainer (w/ O-Ring).


FL13244-01 Brass BLFC Adapter Housing, w/ O-Ring

Fleck FL13244-01 Brass BLFC Adapter Housing, w/ O-Ring. Includes: 1 x - 13303 O-Ring; Does NOT include: BLFC Button. Also used in Fleck Twinflo 100...


FL13255 Mounting Clip, Stainless

Fleck FL13255 Mounting Clip, Stainless. Used on Fleck Valves, including the 5600, 9000, 9100, 2510 and others. Product used in conjunction with P/N...


FL13303 O-Ring - 021

Fleck FL13303 O-Ring - 021 Drain Module Cover O-Ring, used on the 5600, 9000, 9100. Can also be used in Fleck 7000 Control Valve Assembly.


FL13305 O-Ring, -119

Fleck FL13305 O-Ring, -119 O" ring used on the Meter Module for the Fleck 5600, 2510, 9000, and 9100. This "O" ring is also used on the adapter...


FL13958 Front Label, Meter, Blue

Fleck FL13958 Front Label, Meter, Silver/Blue. Front face label cover for a Fleck 5600 Metered Valve.


FL14241 Spacer, 5600

Fleck FL14241 Spacer, 5600. This spacer belongs to the seal and spacer kit (#60125) for the 5600 residential valve. There are a total of four (4)...